On a Boat Panama to Colombia

Panama to Colombia via the San Blas Islands with Ave Maria

Another day in paradise…. awakening to a colourful Caribbean sunrise with a soft sea breeze and the chorus of morning songs sang by cheerful birds.

The fish are jumping and the sun sparkles off the turquoise waters which surround us.

Although awake life is feeling like a beautiful dream.

Into the sea now to immerse deeper into the dream and enjoy it from a different perspective.

Just love getting lost in this dream.

Join us on one of our island hopping sailing adventures. From Cartagena, Colombia to Portobelo, Panama via the San Blas Islands. Or vice versa.


Ave Maria Sailing Colombia to Panama

Best boat colombia to panama

Ave Maria is a classic ketch designed by the Alden Yachts firm of Boston, USA. Having the design name of Offshore 50 she has been built to cruise the oceans of the world with grace, comfort and style.

Providing budget sailing tours from Cartagena, Colombia to Portobelo, Panama via the paradise that is the San Blas Islands. Having operated on the route offering sailboat trips from Colombia to Panama or vice versa for ten plus years. We know the best islands, beaches and coral reefs to visit for you to enjoy and explore during the tour. Not to mention a few easy to access ship wrecks that take the snorkeling to another level.

Ave Maria the best boat from Cartagena to Panama.


Cartagena to Panama on a Boat

Boat trip Panama to Cartagena Colombia

We have just finished another boat trip from Cartagena to Panama via the San Blas Islands with a great group of people. Fabulous weather and a nice group of people made the days in paradise and on the sea so memorable.

With only 10 passengers onboard for each sailing trip from Cartagena to Panama Ave Maria is a great choice for couples or single travellers looking for a relaxed authentic island hopping sailing adventure.

At $550 per person for 5 nights it represents unbeatable value.


Can Life Be Better Than This

Sailboat trip from Cartagena to Panama

After a comfortable calm sea crossing from Cartagena, Colombia to Panama. We are once again in the San Blas Islands.  Turquoise water, coral reefs, an assortment of multi coloured fishes, dolphins visiting and playing around Ave Maria. Greeting us as we arrive under a brilliant rainbow. It’s a beautiful sunny day.

Someone asked if ‘after all these years do we ever get bored with this life?’

What can I say? Other than ‘I never get bored being immersed in paradise. Can life be better than this?’

We invite you to come and enjoy this amazing island hopping sailing adventure as soon as you can. The best boat Colombia to Panama.