Travel from Panama to Colombia by sailboat.

It is often said that “there is nothing more enticing, enchanting and beautiful than life at sea”.

Experience the adventure, and embrace the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea on a 5 day sailing trip from Panama to Colombia or Cartagena to Panama.

Spending three fabulous days in the island paradise of San Blas. There are limited ways to travel from Panama to Colombia or in the opposite direction. Basically you can fly or travel by boat, the best and most rewarding way to get from Colombia to Panama is without doubt on a sailboat.

Enroute you will encounter the paradise of the San Blas which is an archipelago of simply heavenly islands covered with coconut palms and surrounded by white sandy beaches. The island are each a unique little piece of paradise. Swimming and snorkelling the wonderful coral reefs will reinvigorate your soul and lift you to another dimension. On these remote and uninhabited islands you will reconnect with yourself and nature.

Sailing from San Blas Islands Panama to Colombia is a bucket list adventure for backpackers in South America and backpackers in Central America. Ideal for couples, small groups or solo travellers.

Sailing tours through the San Blas Islands, Panama to Colombia are a truly unique budget travel experience an a very different way to travel between countries and continents. Perfect for backpackers and budget travellers in Central America and South America.

Our Essential Recommendations for the voyage;

Keep your luggage light. Pack a small day bag for the duration of the trip. Your main luggage will be stored and you will not be able to access it during the trip. You don’t need much Though these are barefoot beach and boat days.

Be sun smart. Bring lots of good quality sunscreen and a hat. You will need it.

A book and good playlist may be handy entertainment. While you take a little personal time in the shade by the sea.

A Sailing trip from Panama to Colombia or Boat Cartagena to Panama will be a beautiful, memorable life experience. Don’t miss it.

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