Cartagena to Panamá on the sailboat Ave Maria

Having experiencing the best weather so far this year on on our recent fabulous trip with a great group of people on the boat Panama to Cartagena. With calm seas, gentle breezes and sensational sunsets.

We are preparing to return to paradise soon sailing on a trip from Cartagena to Panama. Where we look forward to sharing some time sailing in paradise with another group of happy travelers.

We hope you can join us too.

Travel from Panama to Colombia by sailboat.

It is often said that “there is nothing more enticing, enchanting and beautiful than life at sea”.

Experience the adventure, and embrace the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea on a 5 day sailing trip from Panama to Colombia or Cartagena to Panama.

Spending three fabulous days in the island paradise of San Blas. There are limited ways to travel from Panama to Colombia or in the opposite direction. Basically you can fly or travel by boat, the best and most rewarding way to get from Colombia to Panama is without doubt on a sailboat.

Enroute you will encounter the paradise of the San Blas which is an archipelago of simply heavenly islands covered with coconut palms and surrounded by white sandy beaches. The island are each a unique little piece of paradise. Swimming and snorkelling the wonderful coral reefs will reinvigorate your soul and lift you to another dimension. On these remote and uninhabited islands you will reconnect with yourself and nature.

Sailing from San Blas Islands Panama to Colombia is a bucket list adventure for backpackers in South America and backpackers in Central America. Ideal for couples, small groups or solo travellers.

Sailing tours through the San Blas Islands, Panama to Colombia are a truly unique budget travel experience an a very different way to travel between countries and continents. Perfect for backpackers and budget travellers in Central America and South America.

Our Essential Recommendations for the voyage;

Keep your luggage light. Pack a small day bag for the duration of the trip. Your main luggage will be stored and you will not be able to access it during the trip. You don’t need much Though these are barefoot beach and boat days.

Be sun smart. Bring lots of good quality sunscreen and a hat. You will need it.

A book and good playlist may be handy entertainment. While you take a little personal time in the shade by the sea.

A Sailing trip from Panama to Colombia or Boat Cartagena to Panama will be a beautiful, memorable life experience. Don’t miss it.

Island Hopping Sailing Adventure San Blas to Colombia

sailing trip colombia to panama

Departing regularly from Portobelo, Panama for a relaxed, authentic sailing voyage to Colombia (or vice versa) via uninhabbited San Blas Islands.

Ave Maria, a classic 50′ Offshore sailing ketch offers comfortable shared cabins for the 5 night inclusive passage.

It is an awesome, budget adventure of epic proportions. On a great, safe, boat with friendly experienced and sober crew. Relax as we island hop through the coral reefs, azure waters and coconut palm lined beaches of San Blas.

Boat Panama to Colombi

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Sailing away, San Blas, Panama to Colombia

It’s not far to never-never land, no reason to pretend
And if the wind is right you can find the joy of innocence again
Oh, the canvas can do miracles, just you wait and see
Believe me

Sailing takes me away to where I’ve always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Join us on an island hopping sailing adventure in paradise. On a boat from Panama to Colombia or vice versa.

On An Island In Paradise

San Blas Adventure boat Cartagena to Panama

On our island hoping sailing adventures we visit beautiful mostly uninhabited islands through the San Blas Archipelago of Panamá.

These remote coral atolls with their coconut palm lined white sandy beaches are surrounded by pristine coral reefs with an abundance of sealife. Where you can walk off the beach and after a short swim, enjoy snorkeling through an aquatic wonderland.

After a day of swimming, snorkeling, playing and relaxing under the shade of the coconut palms. There is nothing better than a beach bonfire on a remote uninhabited island.

Join us on one of our voyages from Panama to Colombia or visa versa.

The Legend Of Pelorus Jack

Pelorus Jack was a Risso’s dolphin that was famous for meeting and escorting ships through a stretch of water in Cook Strait, New Zealand, for 24 years between 1888 and 1912.

Photographic records indicate that Pelorus Jack was a Risso’s dolphin, a species that’s incredibly hard to find in New Zealand. He was often described as white or albino.

Pelorus Jack was first seen around 1888 when it appeared in front of the schooner Brindle when the ship approached French Pass, a channel located between D’Urville Island and the South Island. When the members of the crew saw the dolphin bobbing up and down in front of the ship, they wanted to kill him, but the captain’s wife talked them out of it. To their amazement, the dolphin then proceeded to guide the ship through the narrow channel. And for years thereafter, he safely guided almost every ship that came by. With rocks and strong currents, the area is dangerous to ships, but no shipwrecks occurred when Jack was present.

Jack was last seen in April 1912. There were various rumors connected to his disappearance, including fears that foreign whalers might have harpooned him. However, research suggests that Pelorus Jack was an old anima, so it is likely that he died of natural causes


An irrelevant though fabulous tale.

We love our dolphin friends that regularly visit us during our sailing voyages from Panama to Colombia