Footprints on a white sandy shore..


Look… the sunset passage            above the shoreless waters as quivering sparks unfold evanescence as a golden bridge

and the orange-red evening
sinks below the zenith
where ripples and skies
ignite time and space
beyond the amber rays of
expiring days
appearing moonbeams
halo the soft shadow
of indigo dreams
drifting in silky
vespertine breeze
like redolent yawn of
waterside trees
exhaling the sleepy twilight
while nocturnal fairies
stretch out their salty hands
laying our barefoot love
on the coastal sands tonight

  i take you there

to the black velvet glow of
slowly throbbing night
through myrrh scented instants
in my palm-leaf-roofed
two distant voyagers on
their kismet-island
sheltered by
murmuring waves
candle lights roll
down on my face

like liquid flames
onto your smouldering embrace
and only the starry dome’s
diamond eyes explore our
sunk-in-time sighs
while boundless tides
kiss the coral-sandy shore ~~

Boat Panama to Colombia

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