Panama to Colombia by Sailboat

“Sail Ave Maria”

Review by: Chris Buckley – October 2016

The best way to Travel from Panama to Colombia! We had our reservations about this method of travel having no previous sailing experience, lots of questions and concern were inevitable.” Would we have rough sea’s “could we handle sea sickness” how much alcohol should we take!? We met Captain Paul the day before in Captain jacks bar “portobello.”A very safe to venture small port town with a grand history! To meet the other passengers and deal with final payments and a safety briefing which straight away put my mind at ease, and all previous concerns to bed. As we boarded the following Eve it became evident that this was the beginning of a trip of a lifetime. The Ave Maria was in pristine condition, clean and more spacious than I had imagined. We met Pauls partner the amazing Sindry who was in charge of the kitchen and 1st mate. Then pulled up the anchor and set sail. After getting to know each other we all slept as Paul sailed thru the night. Arriving at San blas in the morning we were greeted by how truly stunning this location is. We had three days hoping from island groups. We camped on them which I would advise. Solid ground and picturesque uninhabited splendour! Hammocks dry bags and snorkel gear are freely available as is a dingy and cool box for drinks. every day we were fed three proper meals by Sindry who worked tirelessly providing us with a delicious and varied menu. Hamburgers to lobster. I’m a chef and was dumbfounded how she created these dishes in the tiny kitchen workspace. One day we had a BBQ on the beach! The group we had were also great. All of us got on well. Which is something you hope will be the case but it is a gamble. Just remember to look after one and other” your all literally in the same boat! The crossing thru the open Sean to Cartagena was calmer than expected bar 2 hours on the last night but that is the sea! Still felt really safe. These small birds were landing on the boat and my head which was surreal. And the sunset/moonrise accompanied by 8 Dolphins racing us is a moment il never forget. It was kind of sad leaving the Ave Maria when we docked in Colombia, but we were all looking forward to a shower. I will finish by saying this. “Twenty years from now you will be more disappoint by the things you didn’t do than the things you did, so throw off the bowlines sail away from safe harbour, catch the wind in your sails , explore dream discover! ” mark Twain

Visited September 2016

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