Sailing Away on Ave Maria, our voyage from Colombia to Panama.

Review by: Sky Lane – October 2016
Absolutely worth it !

With our extended holiday coming to an end we were faced with a dilemma I’m sure most travellers experience. The clock is ticking, we don’t have enough days left before our flights home and the cruncher is that we have totally blown the budget.

We then start looking at options to get from Colombia to Panama and of course we have heard about cheap direct airfares and boats going through the San Blas. At first we planned on saving money and taking the cheapest option. Then we started running into people as we traveled who had done the boat trip. We must of met 3 or 4 different people who had sailed with Ave Maria. They all told us to not even consider other options just book with Ave Maria Sailing. Everyone of them told us that the boat was beautiful, clean and safe. That the Captain and his partner were great hosts. That the food was to their surprise excellent and that the days in the San Blas Islands were just fabulous.

Along the way to Colombia we did a little research and before long we had sold ourselves on the idea of sailing to Panama from Colombia and Ave Maria had availability on a trip that suited our schedule perfectly. So we booked it.

Well all those people who said it was a fabulous trip of a lifetime… They were all right…. we loved the trip. What a way to end travels. Just fantastic.

Thank you Captain Paul & Sindry for that extra effort that made this trip so memorable.

What we liked the best about this trip.

1. Before booking we asked lots of questions to which Paul & Sindry responded quickly and super informatively.

2. The boat, Ave Maria is a timeless gem. A real head turner, comfortable, plus it felt safe & sturdy.

3. Great food at every meal… we where eating better than we had since leaving home. To be honest maybe better than at home!

4. The days in San Blas were like being in another world. Tiny uninhabited islands with no other people at all except for a random indiginous fisherman in a dug out canoe from time to time. Postcard perfect in so many ways. So refreshing.

5. Snorkeling the beautiful reefs and encountering the many different fishes, manta rays, turtles, octopuses etc.

6. Seeing a pod of dolphin in the wild! They just came alongside the boat and started performing and playing while we were cruising along!

Yes totally worth it !

Now it’s back to work with these fantastic memories.

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